Meet the Beatniks

They’re not musicians. Well, they’re not proper musicians.
This is the cautionary tale of how an apparently normal family let a flight of fancy snowball unchecked into a colossal global challenge. Of how a mere whimsy escalated to the point where they were leaving their jobs, starting a fairly rubbish band and arguing over what colour to paint the VW camper ‘tour bus’ that would take them around the world.

It’s all Edie’s fault. She’s the youngest, so we’re blaming her. By the age of 8 she was obsessed with The Beatles. It’s in her genes - her grandmother had once sewn up Ringo Starr’s shorts and Rock ‘n’ Roll moments like that are ingrained for generations. After much pestering Edie finally got her way and we visited The Beatles Story at Liverpool’s Albert Dock. Alongside John Lennon’s glasses and Paul McCartney’s first guitar, one exhibit caught her eye that no-one else seemed to notice. (It’s located next to the toilets in the basement so people probably have other things on their minds.) It’s a map of the world showing where visitors have come from. “Have they heard of The Beatles in India?” she asked. “Sure,” I replied. “You can’t move for buskers doing ‘While My Sitar Gently Weeps’”.
Glossing over my rather poor joke she asked a question that would start a chain of events no one could have imagined. “Can we go there?”
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Was it one man’s determination to prove a point? Was it the unwavering pester-power of a child? A scientific experiment, perhaps, to test the ‘brand awareness’ of The World’s Biggest Band? Or was it simply that the lure of leaving jobs and school behind and seeing the world was too strong? (Probably that last one). Either way, one tiny observation, one fleeting comment led to the world’s worst Beatles tribute band circumnavigating the earth, busking everywhere from Istanbul to the Aussie outback raising eyebrows, raising smiles, and best of all raising cash for UNICEF. Enjoy the ride, and thanks for your support.

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