The Long and Whining Road

How far would you drive to prove a point?

This frank and funny true story of a 'family gap year' like no other shows how the passing comment of a bored 9-year-old can snowball into an absurd expedition into strange lands, financial peril and some distinctly unsavoury living arrangements. With Strawberry Fields New York in their sights, the Beatnik Beatles inadvertently gatecrash an Italian wedding, suffer brutal torture at the hands of a Turkish masseur, appear in a Bollywood film and trust their entire journey across Australia to the whim of an army of online-blog followers - and all to a Lennon & McCartney soundtrack, played badly on instruments bought on eBay.


Now in its Third Edition - grand prize winner of London Book Festival 2012!

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‘I’d convinced her we should travel the world. She imagined posh flights and swanky hotels. Then I said the three words every girl longs to hear: Volkswagen camper van.’